What is SkiCon?

SkiCon is where aprés ski and infosec meet! It's an attempt to join the outdoors and winter sports with cybersecurity research.

When Is SkiCon

The evenings of February 21st and 22nd at the Woodstock Inn and Brewery, Woodstock, NH.

Where do I go skiing?

We plan on meeting up early at Loon Mountain early on Saturday morning (February 22nd). We've setup a slack channel where self organization will hopefully happen between beginners, intermediates, and experts. Tickets are available on the mountain, or you can buy online for less ahead of time. We'd like to say your $20 includes a lift ticket, but that isn't happening this year. Another alternative to find cheaper tickets is to hit up one of the many sports shops in Woodstock or Lincoln, including Lahouts, Rodgers, or Sport Thoma. They also have pretty good deals on rental equipment.

I don't know how to Ski! Or Snowboard!

Don't worry, lot's of people have never skied. Loon has lesson plans, including rentals, that will get you everything you need. One of our organizers, @nobletrout, has offered to assist any beginners or novices with organizing and locating gear, supplies, and things.

What should I bring to the mountains?

It'd be nice to say it'll be 80 degrees and 15 feet of powder dropped the day before. But this is the White Mountains, not Vail. Make sure you've got gloves, a skimask, snow pants, and a thick winter jacket. Long underwear is a good choice too. If you've never done this before, before you drop $600 on snow gear, stop your local consignment store. Target is a good source for cheap long underwear.

How do I join the slack channel?

Send a DM on twitter to @skiconne or email us. DM's work better.

You aren't listening. I have no interest in skiing. Like none. Give me something else to do.

Does not compute. However, if you really have no interest in the downhill persuasions, there's plenty of cross country and snowshoeing out there. If you are more motorvehicle inclined, there are snowmobile rentals and pinzgauer tours. Lots of bars of course. A movie theater. And... I don't know. You should go skiing. It's SkiCon, not movietheaterinthewhitemountainscon. Also hiking. You can hike in the snow. Lots of hiking.

Where should I stay?

We're hosting this shindig at the Woodstock Inn and Brewery. The word "Inn" implies that they have rooms that you can pay money to stay in and that they do. That said, if it's a little pricey or overbooked by the time you call, there are plenty of places in the area that cost more and less to stay with varying amenities. Use AirBnB or google maps to find a place. But you should book a place now. It's a busy week we picked.

Have you got a map?